Hvad er barbershop?

Barbershop er firstemmig a cappella sang, altså uden akkompagnement. Sangstilen stammer oprindeligt fra USA og blev i begyndelsen kun sunget af mænd, mens de ventede i kø for at blive barberet. Den mest berømte kvartet var Mills Brothers. I tidens løb er kvinder også begyndt at synge barbershop, og i dag findes der et stort antal både mandlige og kvindelige barbershopkor over hele verden.

Barbershop er en konkurrencesport, og hvert år arrangeres mesterskaber i både Norden, Europa og Verden. BarbAros deltager også i konkurrencer. Følgende video er fra konkurrencen Let The Peoples Sing i Barcelona 2019.



Barbershop seventh
The cornerstone chord of the barbershop style, consisting of the root, the major third above, the perfect fifth above, and the minor seventh above, as in a chord consisting of F, A, C, E-flat
Bell chord
A musical arranging device in which a chord is sung as a succession of notes by each voice in turn
Tones of higher pitch that are present in every musical sound and whose presence determines the quality of the musical sound. Chords locked in tune and proper volume relationship “ring” with reinforced overtones
Focused, bright ringing sound.
A progression of two or more chords sung on a single word or syllable; hallmark of the barbershop style.
A brief ornamental embellishment heard in one voice part while the others hold a chord, as simple as a repeated two-note pattern and often sung by the baritone part.
Very large quartet (octet or larger) or mini-chorus, if you will.
Impromptu quartet singing without arrangements; singing by ear.

Barbershop Culture and Lifestyle

Party after a chapter meeting or show that can include more performances or just casual singing. 
Barberpole Cat Songs
These 12 standard songs are sung by many across the Society and provide an easy way to begin harmonizing immediately with those you know, or with those you have just met along the way.
Barberpole Cat Songs Vol. II
The Barberpole Cat Songbook Vol. II is designed to bridge the gap between Polecat songs and music at a difficulty level that many of our Harmony Brigades sing. This book is designed for the member who has “graduated” from the standard Polecat book.
Joining in without invitation when a quartet is singing; a breach of manners. Wait for the quartet to finish, then ask if you can sing along.
Gang singing
Informal group singing. Sometimes, also slang for poor quality singing.
Harmony Hall
Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.